Brand identity for Places, a series of events made by Lualdi S.p.A.

Lualdi S.p.A. is a renowned Italian company specializing in the development and design of custom doors, systems, and furnishings for residential, commercial, and hospitality interiors.

The project entailed the conceptualization of a naming, including the creation of its logo and an invitation system that highlighted the serial nature of the events to be held throughout the year.
The series of events involved various living spaces with different functions. The invitation concepts aimed to connect the notion of different ‘levels’ that would illuminate depending on the scheduled event, downplaying other events in the background, whether past or future.
Similarly, the logo concepts were designed to integrate the idea of different environments within it.

Proposals for the invitation to the event

Proposals of the logo with the final naming of the event

Final invitations and logo for the event